Olive drab green ar15Jan 02, 2012 · DO NOTOVER-TORQUE P2 Deflection Cam 12 ft-lb (16 Nm) P2 SPA Deflection Adjuster Screw Lock Nut 10 ft-lb(12Nm) Spider 280-300 ft-lb(380-406 Nm) Apply Loctite® 243™ OR Loctite® 242™ with Primer N™ Spider Jam Nut 290-330 ft-lb(394-447 Nm) Drive Clutch Cover 100 In. Lbs.(11 Nm) Starter Ring gear 150-180 in-lb(1-1.2 Nm) Apply Loctite ... Ad sync powershell commandthe stator will lock on the One Way Clutch The one way clutch is splined to the transmission oil pump cover or stator shaft that does not rotate This provides maximum torque multiplication At “Coupling Speed” the stator will spin freely on the overrunning (one way) clutch